Chief Recruitment Officer’s Message

Dear Potential New Members,

On behalf of the sisters of the Beta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, I am thrilled to be welcoming you to the University of British Columbia’s Panhellenic Formal Recruitment process. Choosing to be a part of Kappa Alpha Theta has immensely enriched my college experience, pushing me outside of my comfort zone, encouraging me to stay ambitious, and inspiring me to become the woman I am today. I am truly honored to be representing a group of outstanding women who are not only committed to upholding the highest ideals of leadership, philanthropic/campus involvement, and scholarship, but also genuinely committed to bettering each other and those around us. Each member of Kappa Alpha Theta has contributed to my own personal growth- and I know that they will help every one of you become the women you strive to be. University is all about experiences, and each of these experiences will lead to your own growth. There will be ups as well as a few unfortunate downs throughout your college years. During the tougher times, my sisters are the ones who have helped and supported me, and I know they will be there for me when the next obstacle inevitably arrives. Not only are they the ones who support me, but they’re also the ones who are always up for adventures- no matter how crazy (such as booking a spontaneous trip to Thailand while we were supposed to be studying in the Library).

If there’s anything to consider through this process, it’s this: be yourself, and choose the sorority that you can be just that in. You want to feel a genuine connection to the group of women who will strengthen you for the next four years and beyond. By being yourself and following your instincts, you will be able to do just that! I came to university wanting to feel a genuine sense of belonging here at UBC. By participating in the Panhellenic Formal Recruitment, not only did I feel a part of UBC, I felt that I became part of a community – a sisterhood. Kappa Alpha Theta is my family – my home – and I’m hoping that through the Formal Recruitment process, you will find yours within the Greek community too. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Theta Love and Mine,
Courtney Okell
Chief Recruitment Officer


How to Join

We are so excited that you have decided to go greek here at UBC. To register for Formal Recruitment in the Fall or COB in the Spring, visit UBC Sororities.